To the editor: I discovered the op-ed article by Zev Yaroslavsky and Salam Al-Marayati, evaluating the president’s journey ban with america’ and different nations’ refusal to confess Jewish refugees earlier than World Struggle II, to be each absurd and offensive. (“A Muslim and a Jew urge the Supreme Courtroom to strike down the Muslim ban,” July 10)

Likening the refusal to permit the 900 German Jews aboard the St. Louis entry to the U.S. in 1939 to barring individuals from six predominately Muslim nations is a brand new and despicable model of apples and oranges.

There isn’t a document of any Jew making an attempt to flee the Holocaust having been accused of blowing up harmless individuals in eating places, mowing down pedestrians with vans or beheading anybody. Probably the overwhelming majority of Muslims right here and people wishing to return right here usually are not terrorists, however historical past can’t be rewritten to equate an abominable act by the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration to something occurring at the moment.

Naomi Feldman, Beverly Hills


To the editor: The image of German Jewish refugees, their faces crammed with hope and pleasure upon reaching our shores, ought to be etched into souls of each American.

They have been turned away by the USA authorities, most to face the fuel chambers of the Nazis. That ignominious rejection of the persecuted should not be repeated.

We should help as greatest we will all those that flee violence, particularly since our personal actions have helped to create the vio-lence they flee.

Victoria Mudd, Sherman Oaks


To the editor: Yaroslavsky and Al-Marayati get their analogy improper.

First, there are no less than 50 Muslim-majority nations on the planet, probably the most populous of which is Indonesia. Therefore this isn’t a “Muslim ban,” however a ban on immigration from six nations riven by civil conflict and terrorism.

Second, the ban is momentary and meant primarily to offer america with a option to vet these immigrants so we might be fairly positive they don’t want to do our nation hurt. When President Roosevelt refused entry to 900 Jewish refugees aboard the St. Louis in 1939, the motion was all too everlasting: A lot of the passengers have been returned to Europe and killed within the Holocaust.

A greater analogy can be a ship full of passengers of unsure origin, lots of whom could possibly be German brokers. Roosevelt would benefit no criticism for denying entry to such individuals. Utilizing the logic of Yaroslavsky and Al-Marayati, we should always have admitted immigrants from Germany all through World Struggle II.

A nation that can’t management immigration, even to the extent of excluding enemy brokers, is just not a nation in any respect. It’s merely an space the place disparate individuals occur to be dwelling briefly.

Daniel Stolar, Los Angeles

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