To the editor: Anybody who has lived in Los Angeles lengthy sufficient is aware of of our smog drawback brought on by car tailpipe emissions. It’s then straightforward for any resident to infer that dwelling close to main roadways exposes individuals to larger ranges of air pollution. (“L.A. requires air filters to guard residents close to freeways. Are they doing the job?” July 9)

I discover it arduous to consider that metropolis leaders didn’t assume this kind of air pollution can be such a critical situation at developments situated so near freeways. Metropolis Corridor is so hell bent on addressing the so-referred to as housing scarcity that it’s prepared to commerce the lives of Angelenos by permitting all these “black lung” developments to be constructed. Residents will get sick and die, however they’re simply replaceable — and the developments usually are not.

Since our leaders are so assured that air filters will shield these individuals, I ask each considered one of them: Figuring out what you understand now, would you sleep soundly if a beloved one was dwelling in one among these models?

Ken Walsh, Los Angeles


To the editor: Not talked about is tackling the issue head on: the battle between our want for housing and clear air versus our auto-dependency. And why is it authorized within the U.S. that inner-combustion engines spew deadly quantities of air pollution plus tire and brake-pad mud?

Using motor automobiles close to houses is just like finding a capturing vary in a playground.

For starters, electrifying all motor automobiles ought to occur as quickly as attainable and a few auto producers and nations are lastly stepping up.

Barbara Filet, Santa Monica


To the editor: If the town can’t hold builders from constructing residences subsequent to the freeways regardless of the confirmed air air pollution risks, maybe they will legislate limitations on who can stay there to grownup people who smoke solely.

No youngsters, no pets. People who smoke have already demonstrated little interest in their respiratory well being. And the builders can get monetary savings by going again to skinny air filters or none in any respect.

Nancy Foster, South Pasadena


To the editor: The quick repair to visitors air pollution is lengthy gone. That’s evident by the March vote re-anointing enterprise as traditional: Mayor Eric Garcetti was simply reelected, and the sluggish-progress Measure S went down in defeat.

Metropolis management in Los Angeles is extra involved with progress and tourism than high quality of life.

Christine Mills O’Brien, Los Angeles

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